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About Claire 

Claire O’Sullivan lives in Southern Oregon surrounded by family and friends. She is delving into a world of ranching as her neighbors have acquired goats, sheep, horses, chickens, and ducks--giving Claire yet something else to distract her. As a retired nurse, she now writes primarily in the genre of suspense and medical/forensic thrillers and police procedurals. She enjoys the Pacific Northwest beaches and mountains, both to visit and to write about.


My debut novel, "Romance Under Wraps," is on Amazon! 


Learn even more about the author 

Claire O’Sullivan lives in rural Oregon with her husband, Patrick. The valley is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and you may often find towns similar to the farming/ranching town she lives in.


She writes police procedurals, mysteries, romantic suspense, forensics, noir, thrillers, cozies, and amateur sleuths. The reader may pick up any one book and wonder why the genres are so different! Well, the good news is, they all have a romance element in them.

Now that she lives next door to a ranch, and there may soon be a contemporary western romance in the future. Who knows?

Claire also loves to bake. Not great for the waistline but a lovely Christmas or birthday gift (her husband eats more of this by the way than does she! Just saying).

She’s written “Romance Under Wraps,” an amateur sleuth novel, and there are two in that Whiskey River series to follow.


Then “Rules of Engagement,” a medical mystery/thriller, which is with Elk Lake Publishing.


Followed by a cozy mystery set on the coast of Oregon, which is upcoming, as well as a police procedural (2) in a fictional town, Olvegaart, Minnesota.

She’s off to view the garden, grab the chicken eggs, throw hay for the sheep and goats, and hand a few apples to the horses before herding them into the coral. Yes. She really does this. Because what are neighbors for? Fun and great ideas!