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Claire O'Sullivan, Christian Author - Romantic Suspense, Mystery,  Thriller, Police Procedural, and Cozy Mystery  

Romance Under Wraps
10/2020 Claire O'Sullivan
Elk Lake Publishing
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Love means never having to hear your Miranda Rights…

Catherine Cade has a problem. She's an identity thief with traumatic amnesia, impersonating a nurse practitioner, and fudging another identity. Wanting to go straight is tougher than it looks. When a patient dies a mysterious death, she faces an agonizing decision when evidence points to murder. She must overcome her fear of being exposed, where a murderous ex-partner may find her. Dogged by homicide detective Rick Calhoun, it couldn’t get any worse. You know how it is, keep the lies straight, tend to patients, and open a bakery to fudge another identity. Her bigger worry is the detective who found her. He’s onto her, and she‘s stuck.

Rick Calhoun is a homicide detective with a knack for crashing computers, but he knows more about Cade than she does. And he’s had his eye on her. Now he has good reason to find out what Cade’s up to, ‘this time.’ When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins. His plate is full: a murder investigation to keep quiet, cold cases to close, find out why Catherine is unknowingly involved in intrigue… and keep her out of trouble. His biggest problem, he is in love with her, and will sacrifice anything to give her safe passage.   

Claire O’Sullivan lives in Southern Oregon surrounded by family and friends. As a retired nurse, she now writes primarily in the genre of romantic suspense which bleeds into other genres such as crime/ police procedurals/inspirational/military/medical/forensics/mystery/thriller and comedy. 


When she is not dusting the house for fingerprints at midnight, she enjoys plotting mayhem in fiction only, especially while sipping a good cup of coffee.

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By the way, put this around your garden. It won't stop the deer but add a fake body and your veggies are safe.

Whiskey River 

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