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OKAY THEN. It's been near about a month since I last blogged. Kinda leaves ya'll out of the loop. Reading a few things 'at a time.' Switching from one book to the next. Then back.

I'm pretty sure that's like the least viable option. Anyone else do that? Say you do, 'k?

I've been in and out of a slump here and there. My nights when I am writing frantically are crazy and I look at the clock and it's ... three a.m. Anyone? Ya'll do that too, right?

I have FINALLY 37,450 words into Whiskey River Blues.

Meaning, if I keep up a steady pace, I'll be looking for critiques and then betas to get this MS in at least by March. Earlier if I can. Of course there are those rewrites first. So 'hopefully' a more polished MS comes your way.

Anyone want to sign up for either critique season or beta? Help find those pesky plot holes, boring sections, too easy to find the massive clues of the mystery?

Tag me here or on Facebook, even Twitter DM. THAT would be cool.

Pray I get that NanoWrimo inspiration to write 50,000 words in a month. Harrowing. But so needed.

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