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Randy Tramp It it was amazing

"What a great read. Catherine Cade is an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner—trying to go straight. Interesting, producing a lot of questions. I can't imagine myself losing my identity. Then one of her patients dies a mysterious death. Evidence points to murder. Tension increases. Homicide detective Rick Calhoun catches her and knows more about her than she does. When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins. (In more than one way.)
I loved this story. Christian fiction at its best. Suspense-filled with twists and turns. From the first scene to the last, I stayed glued to the pages. A clean romance that climbed little by little. Very good. Five-stars."

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Jen Watkins 


"This was a very generous book with lots of twists and turns and character development. There is something here for everyone---a mystery about the main character, tons of action, a classic romantic arc, and a cozy setting. This book falls into the hidden gem category."

Brenda E. Mcdaniel 


A Great Read!

"This was a very well written book. The characters and action were very well developed. And what a book. Full of surprise's and heart touching drama. It's about second chances in life and romance. Best Christian suspense and romantic book I've read in ages. A Great Book!!" 

 Nadia -

"I never thought I’d read about, and like, a scam artist and identity thief. But I just did, and I do! Who wouldn’t like Catherine Cade and her effort to get her memory back, and her witty repartee, and her exploits? And who wouldn’t like Calhoun, her sexy detective boyfriend? "Romance Under Wraps" has as many ups and downs and twists and turns as a rollercoaster and just as much action. If you like fast-paced mysteries laced with romance this is the book for you. A very enjoyable read. I give O'Sullivan 5 stars for this debut novel."

Kara Kelley

Where sin and merciful love collide! 

"In a heart-wrenching story about losing one's sense of self while driven with a ferocious instinct to survive, Romance Under Wraps dazzles readers with its exploration of love and redemption. It is insanely relatable for anyone who's found themselves questioning their faith. Cade and Calhoun work together, albeit not easy at first, to show the world how love, alongside God, brings redemption to even the most cunning of sinners."

William J Manning

A must read for fans of the genre


"This Genre is normally not my cup of tea, but I have to say, the author really roped me in with this book it is prefect for romance fans and Detective fiction fans. I really like the characters their dialogue is well written and they don't come off as soap opera-ish like most romance stories have a habit of doing. I highly recommend this novel if you're into Detective fiction blended with the romance genre."

LoLo Paige 


"This is a fun book to read and for me, the dialogue is the most fun. It’s witty, original, and often funny, the way real people talk. The plot is original with an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner. It was fun to read the twists and turns and the slow burn between the two main characters. Humor is intertwined with the plot and lots of action. The author poses questions and leads us through the winding plot to the eventual answers. And it’s never what you think. I love that in the whodunit mysteries. I love that the detective knows more about Catherine Cade than she does. If you’re in the mood for a fun read with twist, turns, and romance, this book is for you. I look forward to more books by this writer!