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Romance Under Wraps


    "Don't let the title fool you; this is a suspenseful tension-inducing read. Yes, there is a touching romantic underlying theme, but my interest was a suspenseful crafted story. This novel meets and exceeds my personal interests in both suspense and romance. The author displays a solid knowledge of police work and captures a cops' thought process and their dry humor (I know because I was once one).
     The main character's, Catherine, on and off again romantic relationship with Detective Calhoun, is peppered with humorous quick-witted barbs. However, you see a growing relationship with each other. The storyline also draws a line of Christian thought through it. A dynamic, dangerous, and complex novel compels the reader to turn the pages to the very end. And what an ending."

- Brent Brantley, Author, You Cannot Grasp the River

   "This book has more twists and turns and vertical drops than Kinga Ka roller coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure. You'll be breathless with the suspense and plot twists. The dialog was snappy and snarky - my kind of conversation. My favorite line in the whole book: "The mirror unfriended me." Hilarious!" Jane Daly, Author, The Girl in the Cardboard Box

    "What a great read. Catherine Cade is an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner—trying to go straight. Interesting, producing a lot of questions. I can't imagine myself losing my identity. Then one of her patients dies a mysterious death. Evidence points to murder. Tension increases. Homicide detective Rick Calhoun catches her and knows more about her than she does. When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins. (In more than one way.)
I loved this story. Christian fiction at its best. Suspense-filled with twists and turns. From the first scene to the last, I stayed glued to the pages. A clean romance that climbed little by little. Very good. Five-stars." -Author Randy Tramp, Night to Knight

   “Romance Under Wraps” delivers a fun summer read with fast paced action and slow cooking romance, all the while taking the reader on a white knuckle ride-along. Calhoun and Cade dance around, figuratively and literally, while finding the best in each other and in themselves. Add in technical details reminiscent of TV episodes of "CSI" and "Dr. G—Medical Examiner" and you have a mystery unraveled by clever sleuthing. But the plot and subplots do not follow a linear path. Situations keep going sideways until the last scene when . . . nope, no spoilers in this review. - Nancy Lane, Pretty Chrysanthemum 

    "In a heart-wrenching story about losing one's sense of self while driven with a ferocious instinct to survive, Romance Under Wraps dazzles readers with its exploration of love and redemption. It is insanely relatable for anyone who's found themselves questioning their faith. Cade and Calhoun work together, albeit not easy at first, to show the world how love, alongside God, brings redemption to even the most cunning of sinners. " - Kara Kelley

"This is a fun book to read and for me, the dialogue is the most fun. It’s witty, original, and often funny, the way real people talk. The plot is original with an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner. It was fun to read the twists and turns and the slow burn between the two main characters. Humor is intertwined with the plot and lots of action. The author poses questions and leads us through the winding plot to the eventual answers. And it’s never what you think. I love that in the whodunit mysteries. I love that the detective knows more about Catherine Cade than she does. If you’re in the mood for a fun read with twist, turns, and romance, this book is for you. I look forward to more books by this writer!" Lolo Paige, Alaska Inferno

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