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September 2023 !! 

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Silk and Slippers, a Whiskey River Mystery

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"Silk and Slippers: A Whiskey River Murder Mystery"

Book 2
A Whiskey River Mystery

1. Forensics
                2. Police Procedural 
3. Romance


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           Death twitches my ear. “Live,” he says. “I am coming.” --Virgil 

Whiskey River’s medical examiner Jack McCloud has PTSD, a dark sense of humor, and an even darker mystery surrounding his autopsy table. The body of a redheaded college forensic
science major has been found hanging from a second-floor railing with a peculiar set of clues near the scene.

Jack and Mercedes, his unwanted new assistant, determine it's not suicide, and when they team up with the Whiskey River Police Department to investigate the college girl’s case, the consensus is homicide. As the body count continues to rise, Jack and Mercedes race to put an end to this vicious serial killer, even as they are drawn inexorably toward each other. But their fragile romance may be the very thing that undermines their efforts, especially when the tangle of clues point a deadly compass their way. With their own lives—and the life of Mercedes’s baby son—at stake, they must use every
forensic skill they possess to solve and stop the murders before the killer comes for them.
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