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Glass Slipper

Sequel to Romance Under Wraps
1. Forensics
                2. Police Procedural 
3. Romance


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Morose medical examiner Jack McCloud meets his match in Mercedes Hall. He's trying to turn over a new leaf, and his new assistant, Mercedes, is about to be overworked. While working the evidence on what appears to be a serial murder of forensics students, Jack finds he cares about her and her toddler, Jonah. But he has a bad feeling about the serial killer as does Mercedes and Rick and Catherine Calhoun, detectives.
     Occasionally his mind wanders to the 1940s movies and rarely, spills into real life. Awkward ... 

Glass Slipper is in the last rewrites and will be edited this year. Fingers crossed, genuflecting, prayers lifted to be out earlier in 2023. Perhaps!
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