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Title/Cover To Be Revealed
(previously Glass Slipper)

Sequel to Romance Under Wraps
1. Forensics
                2. Police Procedural 
3. Romance


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    Medical examiner Jack McCloud meets his match in Mercedes Hall. Only one person has turned him around, and he's a 9 month old named Jonah. Jack's trying to turn over a new leaf, and his new assistant, Mercedes, Jonah's mom, is about to be overworked and underpaid. 
    He has a bad feeling about the murders as his past catches up with him as does Mercedes's.
     Occasionally his mind wanders to the 1940s movies and rarely, spills into real life. Awkward ... 
    Things heat up when they share their war stories, and when they are thrust together by a killer coming for Jack and one for Mercedes. Complicated by a string of murders ... 

        (Glass Slipper is in the hands of the editor and publishers, Elk Lake Publishing as of 12/2022)         
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