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Meet Catherine Cade, identity thief and Rick Calhoun, homicide detective. 

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 Excerpt from "Romance Under Wraps 

     Twenty minutes after my frenzied morning routines, my eyes drifted shut as I breathed out the anxiety I lived daily.

     Whatever my name was, my license and my life—all things Catherine Cade—were fake. Pulling off a PhD and working as a nurse practitioner in Whiskey River was the scam of scams.


     If the cops found out about my recent felonies, well, they would land this identity thief in prison.



     Homicide Detective Rick Calhoun stepped under the crime scene tape, pushed up his ball cap, and asked God for wisdom as he glanced at the wall.


     It was difficult to tell blood from brain matter. He stood in Thompson’s home and figured the body belonged to City Commissioner Stephen Thompson, or at least someone wearing the victim’s pajamas. 

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The essence of Whiskey River 

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