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Whiskey River Blues

Personal Profile

       Whiskey River Blues is set, of all places, in small town Whiskey River. A farming/ranching town small enough to know your neighbors and big enough for a bad guy to move in a create mayhem. Until he's caught. Or she. 

     A newcomer to Whiskey River is Allie Espinoza. She's a young woman who's been through the system as an orphan, a street urchin, then a pickpocket in Minnesota (shockingly, the same state as the intrepid small town police chief, Alexandra Makela, but luckily, not the same town). Allie has made a clean break of her past--all of it--to become a licensed private investigator. 

     What starts as investigating insurance fraud, brings Allie to a completely different crime. Murder. 

     Of course. When new people move in, murder seems to lurk around the corner. 

     But Allie has Deputy Ben Johnson in her corner. 

     They grew up together. 

     More like Ben spent the better part of his years protecting Allie from one abuser to the next. 

     Allie and Ben parted ways when she was adopted and Ben left the orphanage. 

    Fast forward to the future. Ben is divorced with kids. Allie is a private investigator. And they don't know each other. So while Ben chases her down, she continues to run. 

     Until running is no longer the option. 

     Because a murderer is out there, she knows it. Ben believes her. Even without proof. 

     And Allie's going to bring the murderer down.

Whiskey River Allie Espinoza.jpg

Meet Allie Espinoza, just an Adobe stock photo for now, but she's about to come to life in Whiskey River Blues. She's confident, a snappy dresser who, unlike most people, can wear skinny jeans and get away with it. Stylin', Allie! 

ben johnson.jpg

Deputy Ben Johnson. He's waiting to take Allie for a ride on his 1987 Kawasaki and go solve a murder. Also an Adobe stock photo. 

Whiskey River Blues Bens motorcycle.jpg

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