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Whiskey River Blues

Shanghai Road ... Crime fiction 

Currently I am working on book number 4, the third in the "Whiskey River Suspense Series. "

Again, I tried to write a romcom. Dead bodies showed up, anyway. 

The title, Shanghai Road, addresses a past & current issue that plagues our globe. 

Like Deputy Ben Johnson and P.I. Allie Espinoza. They have a history. Not a bad one. Well, some of it was but he was her protector. She was his confidant and friend. Years separated the two and they both went separate ways--opposites. They say opposites attract.

Yeah. Trouble.  

She's in it up to her elbows. Once again, does Ben have to protect her from killers and fraudsters bent on revenge?

Or maybe his heart?

He's endured bullets and near death but can he walk away from her? 

Her life has been broken and rebuilt. How does she let someone into her life after so much change, so much to be thankful for, when Ben thinks he knows better?

And what about secrets?   

Expected release, 2024. 

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