Contract? Signed. On the shelf? October, 2022 (we hope)

Rules of Engagement
a medical/military thriller 

A weaponized biological agent. 

An Army Special Operator

A scientist 

Wary of one another, each must overcome their mistrust to work together to find who is behind this disaster. 

IF they live through their own suspicions of one another.

Cheyenne looks so sweet. Almost angelic. Scott has no idea. 


Who is this woman?

AdobeStock_65824775 (1).jpeg

Cheyenne Keyes. A microbiologist who suspects a number of people (with good reason). But never underestimate an Oklahoman with two PhD's, the first in Microbiolgy, and the second? A PhD in "Oh, I don't think so." It's in her Dalton blood. Scott doesn't stand a chance. But there's a problem. She fears only one thing: (oh, you'll have to read it to find out...). 

Scott Walker. A man who knows violence. Cross him? Don't try it. He's a dangerous man with skills you don't want to see up close. Now he's her babysitter. But she's not the shy, retiring type. Oh, yeah. Between combat and Cheyenne, this should go well. 

rules of engagement obake.jpg

Who carries an Obake for an EDC?? A military operative or a Dalton? 

Cheyenne, of course. Unfortunately for her, he's got that part figured out. But not the Glock.

victorian house.jpg

Palace or Prison? Home or Hell?