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Released 6/14/2022

A timely, fast-paced, multi-faceted story with characters that you’ll be rooting for as well as those you’ll hope will get what they deserve. You’ll want to read one more chapter, and then another, before you give up and finish the book. You can always sleep later. —Craig Hastings, author, Moose Ridge


Ending to Beginning delivers on the title by engaging the reader in a heart-pounding first chapter. It does not slow the pace throughout its pages. The author, Claire O’Sullivan, has built a web of international intrigue and drawn interesting believable characters. If you like a wellpaced thriller, you will not be disappointed with this novel. —Brent Brantley, author, You Cannot Grasp the River.


Spies, covert operations, and a roller-coaster ride of heart-stopping suspense. O’Sullivan has a knack for taking us into a world of danger and high-octane action. Scott and Cheyenne face their enemies with boldness and faith, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable.  This is not your ordinary spy novel. You’ll need to take some calming breaths after some of the more intense scenes. But don’t let that scare you! Although you’ll be breathless, the ending will leave you with hope for the future. —Jane Daly, author, The Girl in the Cardboard Box and Broken, a Story of Redemption

 Claire O’Sullivan is a gifted storyteller whose characters spring to life on the first page. Her expertise with technical medical terminology flows smoothly. The characters are either lovable or wretched, and their outcomes are splendid. She skillfully weaves faith into her story and it’s wildly refreshing in today’s world. She causes a reader to forego their chores in favor of the page. —Gloria Huntington, author, Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go

If you love action-packed suspense, O’Sullivan’s Rules of Engagement is for you. Prepare for the ride—from an actionpaced opening scene to heart-melting displays of heroism, these characters will live in your thoughts long after you’ve finished the book. Job well done, Claire O’Sullivan! —Laurie Westlake, author, Calculated Risk, Calculated Encounters

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Thank you to Elk Lake's own Derinda Babcock & Deb Haggerty for the cover. 

Rules of Engagement
a medical/military thriller 

If you didn't know, you now should.


Is viral splicing real? Of course it is, and we have many medications to prove it and biological weapons that have been long banned.


Are scientists and politicians stupid enough to think they can manage these bioweapons? Of course they are, and they have proven human arrogance throughout the eras.


Does the military get involved in promoting or stopping bioweapons? Absolutely, and to their own risk and sacrifice.


Do soldiers protect scientists at risk?

Yes, but whether they develop more than a professional relationship is up to one’s imagination.

Cheyenne looks so sweet. Almost angelic. Scott has no idea. 


Who is this woman?

AdobeStock_CHEYENNE 301937811_Preview.jpeg

Cheyenne Keyes. A microbiologist who suspects a number of people (with good reason). But never underestimate an Oklahoman with two PhD's, the first in Microbiolgy, and the second? A PhD in "Oh, I don't think so." It's in her Dalton blood. Scott doesn't stand a chance. But there's a problem. She fears only one thing: storms. And one is coming. 

Scott Walker. A man who knows violence. Cross him? Don't try it. He's a dangerous man with skills you don't want to see up close. Now he's her protection duty *and she's having none of his malarkey. But she's not the shy, retiring type. Oh, yeah. Between combat and Cheyenne, this should go well. 

rules of engagement obake.jpg

Who carries an Obake for an EDC?? A military operative or a Dalton? 

Cheyenne, of course. Unfortunately for her, he's got that part figured out. But not the Glock.

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       Palace or Prison? Home or Hell? 

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