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Claire O'Sullivan, Author of Romantic Suspense, Mystery, and Intrigue 

Romance Under Wraps
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published 10/29/20 Kindle and Paperback,  
2020 Claire O'Sullivan
Elk Lake Publishing
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Love means never having to hear your Miranda Rights…

Catherine Cade has a problem. She's an identity thief with traumatic amnesia, impersonating a nurse practitioner, and fudging another identity. Wanting to go straight is tougher than it looks. When a patient dies a mysterious death, she faces an agonizing decision when evidence points to murder. She must overcome her fear of being exposed, where a murderous ex-partner may find her. Dogged by homicide detective Rick Calhoun, it couldn’t get any worse. You know how it is, keep the lies straight, tend to patients, and open a bakery to fudge another identity. Her bigger worry is the detective who found her. He’s onto her, and she‘s stuck.

Rick Calhoun is a homicide detective with a knack for crashing computers, but he knows more about Cade than she does. And he’s had his eye on her. Now he has good reason to find out what Cade’s up to, ‘this time.’ When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins. His plate is full: a murder investigation to keep quiet, cold cases to close, find out why Catherine is unknowingly involved in intrigue… and keep her out of trouble. His biggest problem, he is in love with her, and will sacrifice anything to give her safe passage.   

Rules of Engagement
This is Scott. You thought he was cute a long time ago. But he shot the cabby who came to your rescue after you realized your friend was murdered. Scott pulled a gun, pointed it to your head, and demanded your phone. You fought back. He's angry and taped your mouth, your hands, and threw you into the trunk of the dead cabby's car. When he stopped and opened the trunk, you managed to free your hands and pull the pepper spray in your pocket. You sprayed him in the face. When you jump from the trunk, you realized to your horror that he wasn't fazed by the pepper spray and you're in an enclosed garage. Nowhere to go. Forced inside, he tossed you onto the bed. You're ready to fight. Then he said, "I need your help. You know microbiology, and only you can help stop a horrible disaster." He removed his hoodie, sat next to you, and says, "Please." 
How long will it take you to trust that he is on the up and up as he bows his head in prayer?  
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Glass Slipper  
Morose medical examiner Jack McCloud meets his match in Mercedes Hall. He's trying to turn over a new leaf, and his new assistant, Mercedes, is giving him more than  a difficult time. While working the evidence on what appears to be a serial murder of forensics students, Jack must overcome his dislike for Mercedes to find the murderer and keep her from the serial killer's grips.  
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 Endorsements for Romance Under Wraps

  "This is a slice of chocolate cake that morphed into Chinese take out, that leaves you feeling empty and wanting more. More of this couple and their adventures! It was a pleasure from beginning to end and I'd recommend it to anyone."  -Author, Rodney Likes


   "These were two complex and believable characters with plenty of twists and turns, who finally made it in the end. Enjoyed reading complex plots, beautiful descriptions, woven with good dialogue and action. I don't usually like humor in fiction, however, I found myself laughing at Cade's predicaments." Author, Sly Jones

Rebecca M. White:  "A big shout-out to Claire O'Sullivan, grande dame of new romantic thrillers! Claire's debut novel, currently in the works at Elk Lake Publishing, scheduled to be available soon. She's used her medical and forensic background, along with a few diabolical FB mentors (!!), to craft an unusual (translated: forbidden) romance between a female con artist and the detective pursuing her. Of course, a murder is involved (won't say who), along with ambushes and assassination attempts (won't say where), and an ending that will blow you away (won't say why). -- You'll need to read this book. Seriously! Congrats, Claire!''

   "Hey friends! I just finished an advanced copy of Claire O'Sullivan 's Romance Under Wraps, and it has more twists and turns than the roller coaster, Steel Vengeance. :) Keep an eye out for it!" - Author Linda K. Rodante

    If I'm yawning today it's because I stayed up late reading Claire O'Sullivan's soon-to-be-published Christian Suspense-Romance, "Romance Under Wraps." Great book. I recommend snagging it as soon as it's released. Deadly twists and turns, an innovative plot, and characters that pull you into the pages with them. By the time I got through reading "How to Steal a Romance" I had to figure out on which side of the pages I lived. - Author Stephanie Parker McKean


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Claire O’Sullivan lives in Southern Oregon surrounded by family and friends. As a retired nurse, she now writes primarily in the genre of romantic suspense which bleeds into other genres such as crime/ police procedurals/inspirational/military/medical/forensics/mystery/thriller and comedy. 


When she is not dusting the house for fingerprints at midnight, she enjoys plotting mayhem in fiction only, especially while sipping a good cup of coffee.


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