Few authors are the wealthy Stephen King or James Patterson. I am now humbly accepting donations for a cup of coffee - keeping me powered to write on. 


Claire O'Sullivan, Author             

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My Story

Have you ever forgotten your makeup because someone said, "Dinner!" and it Just Happens to be Sunday Gravy? Well color me happy because Sunday Gravy is my favorite and that's what I got for my birthday. This is the look on my face when I get Sunday Gravy... OR a gift card for books to read! This is similar to building strong characters; well-crafted characters will draw you and you into the story. 







So no, I do not live for food (much) but I do love to write and read. I love to write in various genres, because just like food, even Sunday Gravy, every book I write needs to be slightly different or vastly different. Same with reading. I will read across every genre there is, save few. 

I love to write clean, Christian romantic suspense, military thrillers, cozy mysteries, rural police procedurals, forensics, and amateur sleuths. 

What do you like to read? I'd love to know. Are you stuck on romantic suspense or thrillers alone, or like me, a cross genre reader?

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What do you want to know about me, annnnd what do you want me to know about you (outside of writing, reading)? What are your greatest fears in the writing process? Least? What kind of hobbies do you have? I'm retired. I bake until I realize I need to check back those carbs. Our neighbors have the sheep farm I've always wanted and in retirement years, I'm happy to watch them do their thing! 

Ever wonder how your forensics kit strapped main character might get fingerprints?? How about a blush brush or cotton ball and cocoa powder? 

When I turned up for my first forensics class, our instructor told us to bring a tackle box. Well. Mine was twice as large and because I'd been studying for some time, already filled with forensic goodies down to luminol and superglue, print paper and fingerprint ink. Even included a detailed instruction sheet on what to use when and where, what kind of bagging to use, photography, you name it. 


If you don't know what this is, I am not telling you. Just saying. ->

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forensics morgue pan.jpg
forensics fingerprint cocoa.jpg
forensics tackle box.jpg