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Suspense, romance, thriller, forensics, police procedurals

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Claire O'Sullivan, Author             

My Story

Oh, look! I de-aged! Well after two years in the Gulag, this pic is really old. Turn 65 and take the years off, will ya?


A lot of readers are understandably confused how Christian books and the genres of forensics, crime, murder even as genres, can easily go hand in hand. It runs the gamut of being a clean fiction written by a Christian to full-on Christian stories. And everything betwixt. I saddle one or more characters into something that wrecks them. I mean ... as it wrecks their worldview. Or they are struggling with issues common to mankind. Whether that means it's going to be finding a killer or dealing with painful pasts, or current temptation always remains to be seen.


"Romance Under Wraps" was born directliy from pain and abandonment. The abuse I wrote from was the system that left me feeling every bit of the system's deception and capability to hand me all that of an abuser.


"Rules of Engagement" is based on an actual event. 

 Our main characters have to find peace in certain death. Digging to their toes for bravery in the worst of all situations. How would you deal with a death sentence? How would it affect what you do, feel, and how faith can be wrecked or faith can be born?  

And now, a sequel to "Romance Under Wraps," brings us back to Whiskey River, Oregon. Remember Jack? Lecherous Jack? Well, I get to twist his temptations in the wind with a new assistant. Add to the mix, her toddler, Jonah. Jack and his new assistant work well together, even as they struggle for clues to tie one murder to another. And another. And ... another. A forensics and police procedural that will keep you wondering. Because, well, I'll let you figure it out...


"Glass Slipper, or Glass Slipper Murders ... or whatever ...," I hope to have this one out in early-ish 2023. In fact, I may soon send a newsletter for those who want a free copy of "Glass Slipper" to read and (hopefully, you will) review. The title will be the same, and ARC will be added to that (Advanced Readers Copy).   


Who are your favorite authors? For cryin' out loud I have 240 books on my kindle,clearly showing a pathological impulse pattern when it comes to my beloved established authors, to the discovery of authors unknown to me to authors with their first debuts. 

And critique, beta, and ARC read. This will last me for a lifetime or until the Rapture, whichever comes first. 

So, ever wonder how your forensics kit strapped main character might get fingerprints? How about a blush brush or cotton ball and cocoa powder. It's a bit trickier when a fiber is found and matches absolutely  nothing. 

When I turned up for my first forensics class, our instructor told us to bring a tackle box. Well. Mine was twice as large and because I'd been studying for some time, already filled with forensic goodies down to luminol and superglue, print paper and fingerprint ink. Even included a detailed instruction sheet on what to use when and where, what kind of bagging to use, photography, you name it. 


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To weigh organs. OH, I mean apples.

Dragon Lady's forensics kit cannot hold a candle to mine. *Dragon Lady was the nickname for our teacher in, 'working the crime scene,' 'fingerprinting,' 'documentation,' 'photographing the scene,' 'man-tracking,' and the ever ominous "THE COURTROOM." Among other classes. 

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One program I use widely. Great for thesaurui's to use for character development and more. 

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