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Authors J.J. LeVan, Chris Posti, and Jane Daly - to read and TBR!

Actually I have more upcoming updates, but today let me just give you a heads up on three authors, J.J. LeVan's "He Meant You to Be You." THIS is a wonderful book for kids meant for autism, but I will say, with a son with ADHD and a hubby with dyslexia, and this writer who embodies several nervous system disorders...

"He Meant You to Be You," was a touching, easy to read, and very uplifting picture book about how God loves everyone, no matter their abilities or disabilites. And many of those who we say are disabled are FULLY ABLED but we simply don't recognize it. Did it bring me to shed some tears? What, you think I'm telling you that?!

For kids of all abilities and ages, I RECOMMEND this book highly. It's short, it's awesome, and a five-star.

Next, I am reading Chris Posti's, "Maybe Now, Maybe Never." I don't have a link for it since the novel isn't out! BUT. Half way through it's proving to be a complex, enjoyable read for women who've lived some ... Older gals maybe a five years younger than me, which means it's for grownups. No no no no, not an 'adult' book, but a novel about the emotional rollercoasters and escapades, romances of four single women, all friends and all with their own stories. Defeats. Tragedies. And their families. I am thoroughly enjoying this novel.

Next up, is Jane Daly's novel, "Where is My Sister?" This will be coming out in November. Jane Daly has several novels out and all spellbinding redemptive novels with suspense and romance. You might recognize them: "The Girl in the Cardboard Box," "Broken," and "Broken Silence," as well as several non-fiction books.

So get ready to download J.J. LeVan's children's book, on Amazon now (the above link), and be prepared for the next two, as well.

Happy Reading!

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Thank you for your kind words, Claire! I'm so happy to share this with so many who have been touched by autism in one way or another.

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