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Radio Silence!

I carried my computer underground and obtained complete (almost) radio silence. Translation: I worked my wee fingers to the bone and for the 'most' part stayed off social media.

And Whiskey River Blues (or whatever the title will be) is done and in the hands of those who are critiquing it now (aka tearing it apart for me and showing me what's wrong with it - a most important step in the process).

It's Christmas time! New Year's coming up soon! It will be a bit before the critiques are due. Annnnd I am going through said manuscript bit by bit again to correct my mistakes also.

As I do the above, I'm reading Christy Barritt's 'Just the Nicest Person.' I'm not far in, but this 'true crime' fiction series is already chilling. Pun intended. If you know, you know.

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, spend time with your family, even if your fingers itch to write! Read before you turn off that light.

I have some books to recommend ... ;)

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