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"Maybe Now, Maybe Never," by Chris Posti

A novel I read by the author and endorsed. Entertaining, charming, and forgiveness, all wrapped and woven masterfully into the lives of three believable characters. Three women unite for a reunion (40th HS reunion!). Finding love over 60. This was a heartwarming novel, and I highly recommend reading this hidden gem.

I also finished and endorsed a book coming soon by Jane Daly, "Broken Trust," third in the "Broken" sequel/series. Another un-put-downable book about the lives of two women dealing with real-life issues. I got sucked into these romantic suspense sequels from book 1, page 1. *No cover yet.*

"True Status," by Chuck Richardson is a type of Pilgrim's Progress as the main character, Yates, to find meaning in Christianity. When he has spiritual visitations, his journey begins. A truly engaging book, woven with skill by the author.

I've been also reading some non-Christian fiction by Lisa Black - right now, the "Gardiner and Renner" series - a forensics scientist and a detective who could have been a dynamite couple and madly in love but for Renner. He's not a conventional kinda detective. Gardiner becomes ethically challenged in the face of what she sees. Book 1 is essential to understand the pair. At four a.m. I realized I'd be a tired gal today.

I get a lot of reading done when Word 365 decides to take an unauthorized break and simply shuts down.

Despite computer chaos and a massive reading binge, I've completed editing, well ... round 1, any who, "Shanghai Road," the third book in the Whiskey River Mystery series.

Also, no cover, yet.

In the meantime, if you are looking for one, maybe two reads in the Whiskey River Series, check these out.

And have a great weekend reading. Hey, it's Wednesday, let's plan ahead!*

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