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Well, hellllooooo, and a good afternoon to you, too!

I do like to read, and I read a few books within the past week of note. "Love in a Diner," by Ruthie Madison is a quaint prologue to her novel, and if you've read her works, I suggest it, and if you haven't, read this first :)

Also read, "The Preacher Wore Black," by Loree Lough. I'd be guessing this is the start of a romantic suspense series, and it starts off strong as a pastor, guilt-ridden with something he didn't do, and now he's down to his last penny. But trouble lurks around the corner and, well, I hate giving anything away, so I won't. Five star.

I also read, "Miracle at the Mission," by Joseph Lewis. This is a great YA with a lot of incredibly well-researched Catholic history in California. I really enjoyed this read and I hope you will too. So much stuff I never knew!

So that's where I stopped for a bit to write, and now am reading again, this time, "You Are the Reason," by Mary Felkins. Another delightful story, the first of a series (I'd read and enjoyed the second, "Sweeter With You"). Again, am enjoying another novel by Mary Felkins.

SO many on my Kindle yes, it's either an obsession or a mental illness and they are kin. Ha.

Have a reflective day on D-Day, June 6, 1944, and the sacrifices made. If no one ever told you what D-Day is all about, you might want to Google it.

Blessings, and have a great week.

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