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What are You Reading??

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Welp I got caught up in writing, but the past two days I've spent reading, and finished Mary Felkins's, "You are the Reason."

What a great romance, a back and forth tug between old crushes, blockades, and reconciliation. I really enjoyed this work and hope you will too. This book is first in the series of Morland Manor. I've also read, "Sweeter With You." Another great romance, and talking (instagramming) with the author, I learned her third one in the series comes out soon. Very excited to see it.

For me, I'm awaiting the final cover for "Silk and Slippers, a Whiskey River Mystery."

LAST, give me a thumbs up by subscribing or drop a message in the CHAT box if you're interested in reading chapters my latest novel, "Whiskey River Blues" for 99c per post per week.

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