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"Where is My Sister?" by Jane Daly

This fascinating fiction is far too real, however it must be told.

When I finished "Where is My Sister," I saw again that author Jane Daly has an uncanny knack for making the reader wonder. Being brainwashed or gaslighted by a man, a woman, or a 'friend' is awful -abusive- but in this novel, it realistically takes things a step further into waters too deep.

In "Where is My Sister," Brianna is a young, troubled woman who while hitchhiking, meets a young woman whose circle of friends and influencers will change Brianna's life.

Kai is a handsome young man, one Brianna sees as 'smarmy' and though everyone adores him, Brianna suspects something is wrong.

She has been mentored by an older woman, Elizabeth, for leadership roles, and as she gains experience and wisdom, she is able to see the sinister surrounding her. Is Kai the mischievous girl chaser or is there more to it than that? And what part does Elizabeth play? Can she help or ... ?

"Where is My Sister" is a cautionary tale for young and old.

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