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Another 2 reviews !

OKAY so one isn't out yet, but will be in July, so I'll mention it briefly.

Another of Jane Daly's novels, this in a series about romance in Main, Oregon. "Her Forever Home" is a wonderful romance of neighbors to friends. A young single mom with friends not far, an enemy (the since-childhood kind) close, and a geeky neighbor. Just add a disaster here and there, and forgiveness aplenty, there.

I had the unique position to re-read her novel 'Heart of a Hero' coming this July, and so looking forward to seeing it on the shelf. Totally engrossed, reading a chapter or two a day, and letting Jane know MORE PLEASE. You will not want to miss either.

Pick up any/all of Jane's novels (I've read them all thus far, including the non-fiction) and it will meet you wherever you are at, and addressing the issues we go through in real life - with romance and comedic results.

Reading today, a novel by Sue Coletta, "Marred," a Grafton County series book 1. Terrifying I might add. I was up a bit longer than I wanted to be and I see I have to fiddle with my bitten nails (again).

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