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Great Reads!

In betwixt words of ye rewrites, I read two great novels. Both completely different.

The first is Travis Inman's "WHEN LOVE CALLED." I don't want to give away the plot but it's a delightful story about a grief-stricken widower, a young child, and a wrong number. One of those 'out of the mouths of babes' God-things. It was a fun read -- *after my tears, okay.* The author is a great storyteller. Don't miss this gem of a romance. You'll see the world differently when things happen by chance. But are they by chance?

The second novel is what I'd call a speculative Christian novel, named TRUE STATUS by Chuck Richardson. While there is a touch of romance here, this is a spiritual battle where the main character, Billy has odd visitations - while battling the concept of man, sin, and salvation, the strength of his parents faithfulness -- and his friends. But he needs more. More answers. The thinking man's answer; he's a learned man and has heard it all. But real tough answers? He gets them in spades. This novel is for the Christian and the person struggling with faith, with questions-- some known, some weightier. And the second half is how he comes to respond to it. Apologetics, which means defense of the faith. The kind of questions that need to be answered rationally. This is not a heavy-handed Gospel-based novel, but based in the Old Covenant (testament, contract, you'll find out).

I was blindsided by a story in Genesis, one between God and Abraham, one I'd heard a thousand times -- but never like this. It took my breath away (and again, some tears shed). Don't miss this 'in this world, but not of this world' debut novel.

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