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I See What You Did There ...

WIX imported some of my posts from my WordPress. Hey that's cool. I shut my WordPress down so it's nice I can add my old posts here. Kewl.

So decided I was in dire need of reading, and read "The Preacher Wore Black Leather" in two days. A good inspirational suspense by Loree Lough. She's written (sit down or have smelling salts handy) 148 books. Yes. One Hundred And Forty Eight (148) in the event you thought I didn't get that right.

So after I picked myself up off the floor, I had to fire off my 5 star review about the preacher, Matt Maxwell, on his Harley running from his past pain and the suspense building. His Harley breaks down and the closest town is Reliable. There he has to move on or face his unforgiveness. There are (will be) two more books in the series and I can hardly wait to read both.

A small break from writing. Whiskey River Blues is on hold until I read a few books! Tonight or tomorrow come those hand-written, historical letters I signed up for - need to take something outside while I drink my coffee. Looking forward to that adventure, too!

I'm about to delve into Miracle at the Mission, by Joseph Lewis. History, geopolitics, and suspense!

Some pictures for Whiskey River Blues to set the mood...

From Adobe Stock Photos

Allie Espinoza, PI

From Adobe Stock Photos

Deputy Ben Johnson, Whiskey River PD

Cover concept from Adobe Stock Photos

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